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Have you seen the amazing results of Kybella treatment? This FDA-approved injectable is designed to permanently destroy fat cells under the chin, providing a more gradual and improved profile. Whether you have a moderate amount of fullness or a bit more, Kybella can help you achieve your desired look. Check out some before and after pictures to see the incredible difference for yourself.
Before after tear troughs.jpg
Tear Troughs:  Tear trough fillers are an effective way to treat dark circles under the eyes and under-eye hollows. By injecting filler under the eyes, we fill the volume lost by aging – lightening dark circles, filling under eye hollows and wrinkles.
Filler B n A.jpg
Dermal fillers are gel-like substances that we inject just beneath your skin. They can reconstruct a more youthful look and smooth lines and deep wrinkles. The nice thing about dermal fillers is that they provide a dramatic change in your appearance without surgery or downtime.
savingPNG (1).JPG
Thread Lift of lower face, (jowls).   A thread lift is considered a non-surgical approach to create a defined jawline and lift the jowls. The choice of thread lift depends on your facial concerns. Thread Lift can provide an excellent lower face lifting and jawline definition.  Thread Lifts last up to three years.  
Image by Hannah Busing
Fillers for hands:  The most common type of hand fillers are dermal fillers, which contain a gel comprised of substances that are naturally found in the body. Currently, there are only two products that have received FDA approval specifically for use in the hands: Radiesse and, more recently, 
smoke lips.jpg
Lip Fillers
A filler that can help you achieve your ideal lips.
Juvederm is specifically designed for lip augmentation and smoothing

wrinkles around the mouth in patients 21 years and older.
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