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Skin Medica
Skin care products developed to advance the science of skin rejuvenation through research,
science, and innovation.
Latisse® Grow your eyelashes and eyebrows with this prescription serum that is FDA-approved to increase the length, fullness, and darkness of your lashes.
TNS Illuminating Eye Cream® Enhance tone and texture of skin around the eyes. Reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles around the eyes.
TNS Eye Repair® Improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, skin tone, and texture, smoothness and hydration. It also contains peptides in addition to vitamins A, C, and E to help support the skin around the eyes. Additionally this product has unique ingredients to help improve the appearance of dark circles.
Uplifting Eye Serum® Smoothes the appearance of skin around the eyes and reduces the appearance of puffiness and fine wrinkles. Helps hydrate skin and provides skin-softening, remineralizing vitamins and antioxidants to the skin.


AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser® This elegantly formulated exfoliating cleanser gently scrubs away dead skin, improving the appearance of skin tone, texture and smoothness.
Facial Cleanser® Our highest customer rated cleanser. Removes environmental pollutants, excess oil, impurities, makeup, hydrates and refreshes skin. This is mostly because of an ingredient called Panthenol (Pro-Vitamin b5) that binds moisture to the surface of the skin.

Anti-Aging & Correcting

2.0 Lytera® An advanced Pigment Correcting Serum, formulated to address the appearance of the most stubborn skin discoloration. The advanced pigment correcting technology in Lytera® 2.0 restores skin to its most beautiful shade of even.
TNS Essential Serum® All-in-one skin rejuvenating treatment improves the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, skin tone and texture. Offers a combination of the renowned growth factor formula— TNS Recovery Complexand APS Corrective Complex.
AHA/BHA Cream® Exfoliates and improves the appearance of skin tone and texture revealing brighter skin. Naturally derived alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) combined with beta-hydroxy acid (BHA) help exfoliate skin, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and enhance skin texture.
TNS Recovery Complex® Clinically tested to reduce fine lines and wrinkles while improving skin tone and texture. Incorporates the highest concentration of a patented growth factor blend- 93.6% Tissue Nutrient Solution with over 380 growth factors and cytokines identified. Formulated from naturally occurring growth factors, antioxidants, soluble collagen, cytokines and matrix proteins.
Retinol Complex 0.25, 0.5, 1.0® Renews skin and diminishes the appearance of fine lines and corse wrinkles. Enhances skin tone, texture and resiliency.  
TNS Ceramide Treatment Cream® Contains TNS®, peptides and a patented Ceramide technology to hydrate and help restore your skin's natural barrier function and balance.
Acne Treatment Lotion®  Helps reduce the number of acne blemishes. Formulated with an advanced microparticle delivery system containing 2.5% benzoyl peroxide. This antibacterial agent is responsible for reducing the number of whiteheads and blackheads.


Vitamin C+E® Contains TNS®, Vitamins C and E are released gradually throughout the day to help prevent free radical damage and provides antioxidant protection. Improve the appearance of skin tone and texture. Enhanced skin brightness for a more youthful appearance
Total Defense and Repair® Revolutionary superscreen goes beyond UV protection to defend against harmful infrared rays while supporting the skin’s ability to restore itself. Reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles and improve the appearance of damaged skin.
Essential Defense Mineral Shield® SPF 32 or 35 (Tinted or Non Tinted). A lightweight sunscreen formulation that gives you the highest level of UVA protection available, along with UVB coverage in a mineral shield that’s gentle to your skin.

Moisturize & Hydrate

TNS Cermide Treatment Cream® Hydrates and helps restore your skin's barrier function and balance. This product contains TNS®, peptides and a patented Ceramide technology.
HA5 Rejuvenating Hydrator® Provides immediate and long term benefits. Smooths the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and supports the skin's natural ability to replenish its own hyaluronic acid for overall skin health.
HA5 Smooth and Plump Lip System® This two-step treatment is clinically shown to plump the appearance of lips while providing the same smoothing and hydrating benefits of HA5 Rejuvenating Hydrator.
Rejuvinate Moisturizer® Helps nourish, hydrate, and rejuvenate skin. A natural lipid soluble ester of retinol that helps to keep skin staying soft and supple. A derivative of hyaluronic acid that naturally occurs in the skin. Has the ability to retain up to 40 times its weight in water on the surface of the skin.
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