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You can MASK but you can't hide.

Botox for Around Eye Wrinkles

In a pandemic world where most of us are only seen while wearing a mask, there’s been increased attention to the eyes on the esthetic level. Where lip injections and rhinoplasties once reigned supreme, dermatologists believe that the next-most requested area that patients are going to call attention to is their eyes, as well as their forehead. Botulinum toxin, AKA botox, can quickly and non-invasively make a huge improvement in fine lines around the eye area, like erasing the “11’s” and “crow’s feet,” notes Murphy-Rose. “With results lasting approximately four to six months, and typically highly satisfied first-time patients returning for subsequent treatments, I predict that 2021 will see increased numbers of consumers.”


Great for: Anti-pollution

Climate change impacts our globe and our day-to-day life — including our skin. “People are faced with protecting their skin not just from the sun, but also from these increased environmental toxins,” notes Robinson. Antioxidants are taking center stage thanks to their ability to defend against free radical damage and improve the effectiveness of SPF.” Robinson anticipates seeing a growing number of antioxidant serums and ampoules as well as antioxidants within other formulations such as makeup and SPF.

One antioxidant that’s gaining attention is CBG (AKA cannabigerol), which is a derivative of the cannabis plant. “Like CBD, it is non-psychoactive, and boasts many benefits including anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, and anti-inflammatory,” explains Robinson. “When it comes to topical use in skincare it seems CBG may support the skin’s ability to self-regulate moisture levels.” Because both CBD and CBG are not regulated by the FDA and the research behind them is relatively new, she recommends reaching out to your dermatologist before using any product containing them.

People actively visit cosmetic doctors and do various procedures during the spring and summer season and reduce these visits during winter. However, in the cold period, the skin needs even more your love and care as low temperatures, sharp winds, heating in our flats and houses, lack of sun rays, and decreased number of vitamins in our diets have an undeniable negative impact on the skin and its appearance. Moreover, Christmas and New Year holidays are coming, and we are sure that you want to look stunning. In this article, we have gathered the biggest medical winter 2021 aesthetic trends that would help your skin survive the cold season and look fabulous. Keep on reading!

The “Litlift”

This is a new trend, which will confidently move on to 2021, created by the millionaires whose beauty priorities have shifted in the direction of lightness and naturalness. That is why they prefer injections of dermal fillers and Botox to help them look like the best versions of themselves with no makeup. The procedure has got the title “litlift”, implying minor dosage injections of botulinum toxin and hyaluronic acid in various facial areas to help the skin look younger, smoother, and more beautiful. With this aesthetics approach to your appearance improvement, there will be no too evident changes, and no one will even guess you have done something to your face. You will look younger, fresher, but still natural – A better version of yourself.

Preventative injectables