• Fountain of Youth Staff

What is the Best Age to Have Botox Treatment?

When you reach your 40s, you’re likely to have more defined wrinkles. This is because, as we age, it takes longer for skin cells to regenerate and our skin’s collagen and elastin start breaking down more quickly.

What’s the most popular age to have Botox?

According to one source nearly 60% of Botox users are aged between 40 and 54.

Wrinkles in your 40s

Many women choose to try Botox for the first time in their 40s as they start to notice wrinkles are becoming more deep-set—even without moving the facial muscles.

Natural aging is one of the key causes of having wrinkles in your 40s. However, your lifestyle can accelerate the aging process, with alcohol and stress making women this age more susceptible to wrinkles:

Alcohol—women aged 45 and over are more than twice as likely to drink alcohol every day compared to people in their early 40s and younger. Alcohol dehydrates the skin, deprives it of vitamins and nutrients, and can permanently damage and kill cells.

Stress—in your 40s you may have to deal with children, work and aging parents, adding extra pressure that can take its toll on your skin.

Consider Botox in your 40s if you:

drink alcohol regularly and have noticed your skin is dehydrated and more prone to wrinkles

have a stressful lifestyle and want to look more refreshed and less tired

How Botox can help

At 40 anti-aging creams and skincare routines are unlikely to have much of an impact on wrinkles. This is why many women choose to try Botox at this stage of their lives.

You may have started to see deeper lines in the following areas:

Around your eyes, particularly crow’s feet

Forehead lines

Frown lines

Women who opt for Botox in their 40s tend to have it in these areas.

If you’ve never had Botox before, the treatment alone may not be enough to tackle lines and wrinkles at this age. As wrinkles are likely to be quite ingrained, you may find you need