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Thanksgiving is over. Do you still have a TURKEY neck?

Okay, let's me honest. Nothing about the gooble-gobble turkey neck is appealing if you're seeing the turkey neck in the mirror.

For those of you who aren't good with your turkey neck, here's what can be done.

KYBELLA® is the only FDA-approved injectable treatment for adults that permanently destroys fat cells under the chin for a gradually improved profile – whether you have a moderate amount of fullness, or a bit more.

Facts about KYBELLA®

  • Fact One: Kybella works naturally and the results are permanent.

Kybella contains deoxycholic acid. This substance is a naturally occurring molecule in your body that helps break down and absorb dietary fat. When injected into the area of fatty deposits beneath your chin, the deoxycholic acid in Kybella actually destroys the fat cells responsible for creating that unwanted fullness no amount of dieting or exercise seems to touch.

Once the deoxycholic acid does its job, the fat cells are gone for good. Because your body won’t reproduce fat cells, this gives you visible and permanent improvement in your chin profile without a single incision. Approximately 80% of the patients who undergo Kybella injections express significant satisfaction with the effectiveness of this innovative treatment.

  • Fact Two: Kybella is FDA-approved and safe for healthy adults of every age.

It makes no difference whether you’re 20 or 60, male or female, frustration with a double chin can have you reaching for a scarf or turtleneck to hide behind. For the vast majority of adults, Kybella injections can safely reshape your chin and give you the sculpted profile you’re craving. Let it turn those scarves and sweaters into fashion statements rather than camouflage.

Some patients aren’t ideal candidates for Kybella. For instance, individuals with serious medical conditions such as muscular dystrophy or those on blood thinners should not receive Kybella injections. It’s also not cleared for use during pregnancy or for women who are breastfeeding.

  • Fact Three: Only specially trained providers are qualified to administer Kybella.

While it’s safe and effective when administered correctly, Kybella can cause nerve damage and other significant issues if used incorrectly. At Fountain of Youth Medical, Farragut, TN they have undergone extensive training regarding the proper use of Kybella. Our providers have the skill and training you can rely on to produce expected results with less risk of unwanted side effects.

  • Fact Four: Kybella treatments are fast.

Each Kybella treatment session includes multiple small injections. First, we use a template and marker to carefully identify the injection sites. This helps ensure that Kybella lands where intended and doesn’t stray toward the many nerves and muscles contained in your jaw.

The actual procedure lasts 15-20 minutes. As the fat begins to dissolve, often within 15-30 minutes or less, you may notice swelling in the area due to your body’s inflammatory process. Otherwise, the most commonly reported side effects are mild bruising, swelling, and redness at the injection sites which typically resolve within a few hours to days. We discuss all of these possibilities before beginning your treatments and give you detailed after-care and follow-up instructions.

THREADING - THREAD LIFT. Thread Lift of lower face, (jowls). A thread lift is considered a non-surgical approach to create a defined jawline and lift the jowls. The choice of thread lift depends on your facial concerns. Thread Lift can provide an excellent lower face lifting and jawline definition. Thread Lifts last up to three years.

Facts About the PDO Thread Neck Lift

  1. Some Patients Can See Almost Immediate Improvements. While it may take some people a week or two to notice the difference, in many cases, some of the results of the treatment are clearly evident much earlier.

  2. It Can Be Performed in Conjunction With Other Procedures. Often patients will have this procedure along with another procedure, like a PDO thread face lift, to address further concerns around the face. You can discuss this combination treatment in more detail during your initial consultation.

  3. Many People Qualify - Before having the procedure, a careful evaluation must be made to ensure that you’re a candidate, but many people are. The best candidates tend to include those with:

  • Loose neck skin

  • Sun-damaged skin

  • Significant weight loss

  • Excessive fat under the jaw

  • Skin elasticity

  • Good overall health

Call today and make an appointment with Lynne Worthington. Do it for yourself. Do it for the Holidays. CONTACT US

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