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Tear Trough Filler Benefits

Are you a good candidate for tear trough filler?

The best candidate is a patient who has hollowing or darkening under the eyes. They have good skin thickness and elasticity that will allow for a natural augmentation under the eye.

What are the benefits of tear trough filler?

The benefits of tear trough filler include:

  • Temporary refreshed under-eye area

  • Temporary under-eye plumpness

  • Temporary brighter-looking appearance

Under-eye filler is a one-stop-shop for an instantly revitalized under-eye area. “It makes a patient appear as though they have been getting ten hours of sleep every night so even if they’re not, they can fake it,” Worthington says. The wonderful thing about under-eye filler is that in addition to instantly plumping the area (which helps reverse any signs of sunkenness), it helps to brighten it, too. That’s because with fewer sunken shadows, the eyes will naturally appear brighter. Dermal filler in the tear trough replaces the volume which creates a shadow and darkness that no eye cream will ever be able to correct.  Tear trough fillers help to strengthen the skin under the eye and can improve the appearance of dark circles by covering inflamed and dark blood vessels, helping you to look less tired and generally brighter.

What causes the need for a tear trough filler?

For some it is caused by the lifestyle that they lead which causes skin laxity to age prematurely. For others it is caused simply by aging and the overlying loss of facial volume in this area, which makes the tear trough appear deeper when dark circles under the eyes are present.

Tear Trough Filler vs. Botox

Filler and Botox often get mixed up, despite doing two very different things. Where filler replaces lost volume, Botox freezes muscles to treat and prevent facial lines. Additionally, where Botox takes up to two weeks to set, filler offers instant results. “Nothing, outside of surgery, will deliver the improvement to the under-eye area and middle of the face that fillers can. While a great eye cream and daily SPF are necessities, HA fillers deliver instant, apparent results that skincare just can’t.


Injectable aftercare is always pretty simple, and that goes for under-eye filler, too. Simply avoid exercises, alcohol, and skincare products in the treatment area for 24 hours, and reach for ice packs and oral, non-sedating antihistamines to help control any associated swelling. Results typically last 12 to 18 months depending upon the product used since this is not an area involved in lots of movement, and therefore the product isn’t broken down as quickly as other areas like the lips,.

The Final Takeaway

If you have sunken areas under your eyes and are looking for ways to address the loss of volume and subsequent darkness, under-eye filler is an unmatched cosmetic option.

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