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The demand for big, beautiful lips isn’t going anywhere, but how can you get just the right look? If you want to avoid surgery, there are two options available Fountain of Youth Medical: lip fillers and the lip flip. In actuality, you can get both—and many clients do! These are two totally different treatments, but they both use injectables to achieve the results you want. Let’s take a look at what they do.

Lip fillers are pretty familiar to everyone, even if you’ve never had them before. It’s a type of dermal filler designed for the lips, and most lip fillers are made with hyaluronic acid (HA). HA is already present in your body, so there’s virtually no risk of your body “rejecting” these fillers. The results of HA fillers are immediate and last anywhere from 6 – 12 months on average.

Which Lip Filler is Best?

If only the answer was simple! We carry all the top-rated, safest, and most popular lip fillers because every client is different. You should be matched with a dermal filler that is designed for the lips, and keep in mind that different fillers are meant to last different lengths of time. Some clients want a shorter-term lip filler to try out a look while others know what they want—and they want their results to last.

Since most lip fillers are made with HA, the differences between them are often minute. For example, some might use a proprietary technology to ensure the molecules are totally uniform, and this can lend itself to a more balanced look. Some are meant to “spread out” a bit, which some clients like as it offers a natural appearance. We’ll work with you to determine the look you want and match you with the perfect lip filler.

All About the Lip Flip

A lip flip also uses an injectable approach, but it’s of a product you’re probably better acquainted with—Botox! How can Botox, the most popular neuromodulator, help you get a better pout? It’s actually pretty simple. You already know that Botox can manipulate muscles, and it turns out that the muscles also play a role in how big your lips look. Or, at least, the size of your upper lip.

A lip flip requires incredible precision, which means that only the most reputable and highly skilled experts should handle this procedure. Lip flips require very small amounts of Botox to be injected into key areas of the upper lip. The result is a “flip” of the lip outwards, revealing more of that vermillion (pink) that’s currently hiding and pressed against your gums. This is a great treatment for those who are especially concerned about a thin upper lip or who have a “gummy” smile. Like Botox injected anywhere else, results last 3 – 6 months on average. Lip flips might last a little less time than Botox used in other places because such of the smaller amounts used.

Getting Both: Lip Flip and Lip Fillers

There’s no rule against getting both lip fillers and a lip flip! In fact, this two-pronged approach is growing in popularity. You can get a dermal filler in the lower lip and a lip flip above, or maybe you want to add on a lip flip to lip fillers injected a few months ago to enhance the shape and extend the results. The exact combination of lip fillers and a lip flip will depend on you, your lips, and your goals. We’ll discuss your options with you during your consultation or appointment.

Many clients are falling in love with the lip flip because it feels a little more natural than lip fillers. If you’re not a huge fan of injectables, or simply want to try something new, the lip flip can be a great option. Plus, since it’s a relatively short-term solution, it’s a great choice to test out.

Getting Gorgeous Lips

The skill of the injector is critical for both lip fillers and a lip flip. This is why you want to trust your lips, your face, your procedures to experienced well known technicians. Lynne Worthington and Tim Fox from Fountain of Youth Medical in Farragut, TN have that expertise.


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