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Sexier Sex: The Shot that Could Make It Happen

If you feel like the thrill is gone, listen to these three midlife women who got—yikes—a shot down there for better orgasms. Stephanie Booth finds out if it the O-Shot works.

If only there was a simple procedure that could magically help you orgasm faster and more intensely. Oh, wait—there just may be.

No need to keep this a secret - The O-Shot is worth talking opening about.

In what will come as a surprise to exactly no one, as you get older, your sex drive tends to wane. And women, sadly, are two to three times more likely to be affected than men. But there is a way to help counteract that: a quick injection that promises to have you feeling hot and bothered in the best possible way.

It’s a quick injection that promises to have you feeling hot and bothered in the best possible way.

Known as the O-Shot (yes, “O” stands for orgasm), this procedure, which has been around since 2013, injects special blood components into your vagina that helps rev up nerves, collagen, and blood vessels “downtown.” Not only can this allegedly increase your ability to orgasm, but it can help with incontinence.

Let’s reiterate: The O-Shot does involve taking a needle in your clitoris. And not all doctors are believers. But according to these three women, it’s worth it.

“Even if your sex is already good, don’t you want it to be great?”

Testimonies about the O-Shot:

I don’t offer procedures to my patients unless I’ve done them myself, so while there, I volunteered to have one so I could feel how it worked. After going through menopause, my sensation had seriously diminished. It was a lot more difficult to enjoy intimacy. The O-Shot seemed simple enough so I decided to give it a try. Then the platelet-rich plasma was injected into the front wall of my vagina and clitoris.

First, a topical numbing cream was applied, then ice and a local anesthetic were used to further avoid any discomfort. Blood was drawn from my arm, like for any other blood test, and in a lab, my blood was spun so that the platelet-rich plasma (PRP), which contains the growth factors needed to grow new tissue, was isolated. About 20 minutes later, the PRP was injected into the front wall of my vagina and clitoris.

Immediately afterwards, the area was a little more sensitive. That lasted the first day or so but it wasn’t a bad thing. It heightened the intensity of my orgasms!

Once you have an O-Shot, it takes about three weeks for the effects to kick in, with the full benefits occurring around three months. Even if your sexual sensation is good, it can be great.

On average, the O-Shot lasts about a year, but, luckily, having another one brings those feelings right back. — Carolyn DeLucia, 55

“Why accept what’s happening as we age if there’s a procedure that could help?”

I’m the biggest baby on the planet. I hyperventilate when it’s time for a flu shot. The idea of someone sticking a needle in my clitoris sounds awful. But three years ago, I did it anyway.

At the time, my libido was good because I was balancing my hormones. Still, sex wasn’t as easy as it had been in my 20s. And like so many of the patients in their mid-40s whom I see as a board-certified OB/GYN, vaginal dryness made it harder to enjoy being intimate.

I was also in need of a good option to treat my leaky bladder. I got to the point where I wouldn’t dare jump rope in CrossFit or I’d end up soaking wet. After three kids, my bladder just wasn’t what it used to be.

My research led me to the O-Shot. I took a Xanax prescription with me to the clinic, but, thankfully, my anticipation was worse than the actual shot, which was over really quickly.

One day, about six weeks later, I realized I was laughing hard and I didn’t completely pee my pants!

The effects came on gradually. One day, about six weeks later, I thought, I was just laughing so hard and I didn’t completely pee my pants! I also stopped reaching for KY Jelly in the bedroom. Having an orgasm became much easier and quicker.

I talk about sex with my patients all day long so I don’t see the fact that I had an O-Shot as a secret. I view it as empowering. We don’t have to live with incontinence or having a difficult time reaching an orgasm. We don’t have to accept what’s happening to our bodies as we age if there’s a procedure to help us.

When the O-shot is used for incontinence, I’ve seen about a 90-plus percent success rate. It also helps women to orgasm, but that’s more complicated. I mean, if your bedroom is a mess and the kids are outside your door and you’re feeling fat or bloated—all those things can affect how good an orgasm is. I tell my patients, “The O-Shot works down there, not up there [in your brain] and it does nothing for your partner.” It’s not a miracle treatment, but it is a great option. — Amy Breyer, 48

“I was skeptical". My issues didn’t begin with what was happening between the sheets. Fifteen years ago, I had what’s called a vaginal sling procedure to help my incontinence. It’s a major surgery, and it took me three weeks to recover.

My symptoms disappeared for about 10 years. But in 2013, my incontinence returned. I did a lot of horseback riding at the time, but even wearing pads under my clothes, I worried I would pee myself and my horse.

During sex, I found I could orgasm faster and more intensely. Without my discussing the procedure, my partner noticed a difference too.

I wasn’t looking forward to another sling procedure, so I began researching less traumatic options. When I heard about the O-Shot, I was skeptical. Would it really work? There wasn’t a lot of research on it. Still, I wanted to try.

Surprisingly, the pain was minimal—about as uncomfortable as having an IV started in your arm. Within a few weeks, I could tell a difference. My incontinence went away. I could ride horses and not worry about losing urine. And during sex, I found I could orgasm faster and more intensely. Without my discussing the procedure, my partner noticed a difference too.

Since the effects only last about a year, I’ve since gotten three more O-Shots. Would I recommend it to other women? Absolutely. — Susan Evans, 58

Learn more by going to a O-SHOT page on our MENU bar.

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