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Read This: Best Treatments for You to Look your Best.

Best Treatment in Your 30s: Botox

Overview: Chances are this injectable rings a bell. So it's no surprise that it is the number one requested treatment. It's the go-to fix for forehead lines and crow's-feet. It's known for helping to relax muscles for a smoother, more relaxed look, and specifically targeting fine lines and wrinkles.

Best Candidate: "When I evaluate patients for Botox, I look at their face at rest and then ask them to make a series of expressions," explains Worthington. "Botox treats dynamic lines, which are formed from repetitive facial movements. Some of my more expressive patients will need to start earlier on in life, while some of my less expressive patients might not need to be treated until well after their 30s."

Recovery Time: "This is a non-invasive procedure with practically zero downtime.,

Side Effects: To get the desired result, you must make sure that you are in trusted hands. Precision is key as you don't want to disengage a muscle where it doesn't need to be. At Fountain of Youth Medical our staff are trained professional you can trust.

Best Treatment in Your 40s: Juvederm

Overview: Derma fillers are loved for their versatility and this hyaluronic acid formula is no different. It can be used to plump the skin, volumize lips, or sculpt and contour target areas. Juvederm is recommended for the versatility and reliable benefits. However, he warns, it's all about who performs the treatment. Our own Lynn Worthington has sill and artistry with procedures.

Best Candidate: If you're looking to restore lost facial volume and address issues such as hollowing of the face, sagging cheeks, thinning lips, or worsening jowls, Dr. Zeichner points out this is the procedure for you.

Recovery Time: While the treatment requires no formal recovery period, it can take a week or two for the effects to settle in.

Side Effects: Some swelling and bruising can be expected. While extremely rare, you can end up with a blocked blood vessel, which can scar the skin if done incorrectly.

Best Anti-Aging Treatment: Microneedling

Overview: Collagen production, improved elasticity, and pore reduction are promoted in this procedure which uses a small group of needles to puncture the first layer of skin for rejuvenation. Oftentimes, it's included in a facial treatment for added rejuvenation. Why is it favored by experts? "Patients experience minimal pain with maximum results," says Dr. Rachel Nazarian.

Best Candidate: According to Dr. Nazarian, those experiencing fine lines, mild acne scarring, or just about anyone who wants a low-lift, anti-aging procedure to preserve their skin should pursue microneedling.

Recovery Time: It can take three to four days for your skin to heal after one session.

Side Effects: You may experience some slight bruising or scarring.

Best Neck Treatment: Kybella

Overview: In need of a non-surgical solution for a double chin? This injectable is on the rise due to its ability to destroy fat-cell walls, erasing the appearance of excess skin. "By reducing the fullness of the chin, the angle of the neck and jawline look sharper and more defined," says Dr. Chaneve Jeanniton. "And the results achieved are permanent."

Best Candidate: "I've seen best results in individuals with good skin elasticity and a small area of fat under the chin that they're unable to shed despite maximizing their diet and exercise routine," says Dr. Jeanniton. "Someone with more pronounced fullness or significant skin laxity may not be a good fit."

Recovery Time: You can expect some swelling that can last anywhere from two days to two weeks.

Side Effects: It is common to experience soreness, numbness, redness and the formation of temporary hard nodules in the treatment area. On the extreme side, temporary nerve damage can occur.

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