• Fountain of Youth Staff

Quarantine Hair - 3 best cuts with those grown out locks.

The sun is shining more often, the days are growing longer, and we’re starting to emerge from our homes. As we do so, we’re noticing our locks are longer than ever!

Now, for some of us, this has been a real concern and the urge to pick up the scissors every other day has been real! That said, many are finding that this time away from the hair salon has unwittingly given their tresses no choice but to grow much longer and, honestly, we’re loving it! However, though you’re thrilled with your new length, it’s likely you’re noticing a distinct lack of shape or personality in your new look. Well, say goodbye to limp strands and hello to the new you. We’re here to reveal the most incredible long and short hair cuts now that your hair has grown.

The Lob

Maybe you’re used to a certain style of short haircut and want to try something new or perhaps you’re yearning for something totally different to freshen up those extra-long locks for summer. Either way, the lob could be perfect for you! It’s the favorite shoulder-length style among influencers the world over and it only takes a quick glance to see why!

This incredibly stylish cut is, as you’ve probably guessed, a different take on the more classic bob style. With just a little extra length it allows the wearer some extra swish to their locks and definitely gives you more to play with in terms of styling! The Lob is most certainly one of our top recommendations for summer. It’s also the ideal change up from long hair to ‘short hair’ that won’t be too scary or too much of an adjustment. You’ll still be able to achieve the majority of up-do styles you could with long hair but you’ll have a lighter look and feel when you wear it all out. Opt for a sleek, straight bob to keep things classic and eternally sophisticated or opt for curls or beachy waves for something a little more playful!

The Shag

If you haven’t tried or at least heard about the shag, where have you been? Well. Inside like the rest of us we assume, but still! This hair cut has been taking over our feeds for a good year now and it’s really no wonder why.

Understandably, it may look (and feel) pretty daring but this cut is most certainly one of the world’s most stylish. Just look to your fave french fashion girls for all the proof you’ll ever need! The best part? It’ll literally suit any hair type. If that’s not enough, this cut works even better if you don’t opt for a regular blow-dry! That’s right, no need for constant heat styling with this one. Instead keep it natural and opt for a beachy, air-dried look with a little salt spray or a texturizing spritz for good measure!

Once your hair is a little shorter, you may find the natural oil from your hair follicles makes its way through your strands faster than before. Now, whilst this is excellent for keeping your hair in great condition, those of us prone to oily locks may find it problematic. Luckily, that’s no reason to forgo your dream chop! Instead, wash and moisturize your hair with a lightweight shampoo and conditioner such as the Seaweed shampoo and conditioner by Bumble and Bumble!

Face Framing Layers

If your hair has grown to those dreamy long lengths you’ve always wished for, it’s unlikely you’re going to want to part with it any time soon. And, there’s no reason you should have to! Getting your hair cut needn’t mean you lose all the length. It also doesn’t have to be a transformative new style that totally changes your look. Instead, ask your hairstylist to freshen up your new lengths with some gorgeous face-framing layers to give you and your long hair a well-deserved lift!

Though a face-framing, layered hair cut will work perfectly for those with long hair, it’s definitely suitable for all whether you’re rocking short hair, long hair, or even a mid-length. It works not only to add some bounce and personality to your locks but also to draw attention to your best features whilst opening up your eyes. Some will prefer longer layers to add subtle character whilst others will opt for something more extreme and definitive in style. For example, side-swept or parted bangs can look incredible with the right style and will make an incredible impact, especially