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Non Surgical Brow Lift

Thread lifts, for the uninformed, are basically a non-surgical brow lift that involves inserting a tiny dissolvable thread into the face and pulling up the skin, allowing a plastic surgeon or cosmetic dermatologist to “lift” different parts of your face and body, depending on where they insert them. Basically, the real-life version of FaceTune.

“The dissolvable threads are covered in microscopic barbs that anchor into the tissue, pull it up, and tack it in place,” explains Lynn Worthington, Fountain of Youth Medical in Farragut, TN. Although you can technically insert them anywhere, there's been an increase in patients requesting the temple and eyebrow area in recent years in an attempt to get that pulled-back, smizing look.

PDO threads utilized thin, biodegradable threads made of polydioxanone to anchor the sagging facial fat tissues, providing added support to the underlying structures for a noticeable lift. The threads are inserted using a blunt tipped cannulas to prevent trauma and damage to surrounding tissues. PDO thread lifts offer a unique blend of skin lifting and tightening effects for a non-surgical, minimally invasive alternative to the traditional brow lift surgical procedure. While the underlying procedure structures of the brows are lifted using the threads, the skin is simultaneously stimulated to produce collagen, which promotes natural skin tightening in the areas treated. The results/benefits of PDO thread lifts are temporary. The purpose of this treatment is to help the outer crease of the eye to lift and allow more eye - to - brow space. The extremely pull will last 2-3 weeks and will begin to settle in. Treatment lasts 1-2 years.

No pressure of any kind on treated area for 2-3 weeks to allow proper attachment process. No working out or extraneous activities for 2-3 weeks. SPF IS YOUR BFF! Avoid all laser therapies on treated areas for 2 months as laser rays dissolve the threads quicker than they are intended to.

Patients were asked was the procedure worth it?

Answer: In a study reported in JAMA Plastic Surgery, 93% of patients were happy with the results of their endoscopic brow lift; 96% said they would recommend the procedure. Most RealSelf members who had brow lift surgery deemed it “Worth It” for giving them a more youthful appearance without too many side effects or downsides.

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