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Alicia Yoon, aesthetician and founder of Peach and Lily, which sells curated K-beauty products, knows what it takes to get gorgeous, glowing skin.

After struggling with eczema when she was younger, Yoon decided to attend beauty school and studied skin care, where she learned how to take great care of her skin. The Harvard Business School graduate eventually decided to pursue her passion rather than finance, and Peach and Lily, with its handpicked Korean beauty products, was born.

Although Peach and Lily is all about innovative, effective products from Korea — from serums to sheet masks — Yoon knows that simple DIY skin care can also work wonders. That’s why she’s sharing with Yahoo Lifestyle one of her favorite DIY tricks for smoother lips: a sugar lip scrub. Alicia Yoon, a Korean beauty expert and founder of Peach and Lily (Photo: Alicia Yoon)More

“[It’s] a very easy and fun skin care hack,” Yoon says. “It’s a classic, but it works every time.”

To make her DIY one-minute lip scrub, all you need is brown sugar and honey — two ingredients you’re likely to have in your kitchen already — and then mix them together.

“You just take one part honey, one part brown sugar and spread it onto lips,” Yoon says. “And then you can just kind of rub the lips together.”

Leave it on for a minute or two. “You’re going to want to lick it, because it does taste very good,” she says. “And then you can remove it with a wet cloth. And your lips will be left very supple, very, very smooth and very hydrated.”

Yoon says that the scrub isn’t only for smoother lips. You can also apply it to various part of your body, from shoulders to heels, to get rid of dry, flaky skin.

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