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Live for the sun - what can be done?

Boating, cycling, tennis, hiking, gardening, hanging by the lake, and the fastest growing sport pickleball are all ways to enjoy the sun, Our clients at Fountain of Youth Medical in Farragut, TN range from early 20's to well into their golden years. That leaves plenty of time to play in the sun. Prevention early on, and maintenance as we age are both equally important.

Let's discuss sun damage and what can be done? First of all, enjoy your life. Don't hide in the shade, don't go boating covered from head to toe in protective gear. Do buy a very good brimmed hat, a highly rated sunblock, and be smart about sun exposure.

If you've like many of us who enjoyed our younger years getting a tan, then learn how you can trick mother nature with our services.

Micro-needling, PRP, Botox, fillers, and using our medical grade products are all ways of turning back that sun damage. You won't believe what a thread lift can do to lift your overall well being.

Call today and let us help you keep your skin look sun kissed and radiant.

Always look for our monthly specials, in a years time every service we have is highlighted in our specials. That means you can do it all! Now that's special.

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