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How Dermal Fillers can give you a more Youthful Appearance.

No matter how hard you fight the signs of aging, sometimes, they’re written all over your face. That’s because our skin is susceptible to several factors that can lead to aging, and many of them are beyond our control.

Though the Fountain of Youth cannot turn back the hands of time, they do offer a wide range of aesthetic treatments, like dermal fillers. This innovative, nonsurgical treatment provides immediate results in minutes.

The toll aging takes on your skin:

Some of the most common hallmarks of aging are saggy, thin, and wrinkled skin. Even though you can take steps to protect your skin by avoiding harsh weather and prolonged sun exposure, some changes are out of your control. In fact, some of the biggest culprits of aging skin come from changes in your tissue and thinning of the epidermis.

Your epidermis is the top-most layer of your skin. As you age, this part of your skin grows thinner and more fragile. Meanwhile, your body also begins producing less elastin and collagen. These proteins in your connective tissues create a smooth, plump, and supple appearance. So, as they disappear, your skin loses volume and begins to hang more loosely, sagging against the pull of gravity.

When combined with other factors, like sun damage, poor diet, and smoking, your skin continues losing its ability to retain its shape and can take longer to heal. Fountain of Youth Medical staff recommends dermal fillers to counteract these changes by restoring volume to your face.

How dermal fillers fight the signs of aging:

We use many different types of dermal fillers that all work to restore lost volume and fullness to your face. Some use ingredients naturally found in your body, like calcium hydroxylapatite and hyaluronic acid. These ingredients not only restore volume, but they can also trigger collagen production in your body, giving them anti-aging properties.

This nonsurgical, aesthetic treatment can correct several cosmetic issues associated with aging, including:

  • Thinning lips

  • Shallow contours and facial areas

  • Facial lines and wrinkles

  • Under-eye shadows

  • Recessed scars

At the Fountain of Youth Medical we see great results with dermal fillers. This is because dermal fillers look natural and offer immediate results. And, unlike Botox treatments which typically only last 3-4 months, dermal fillers can last up to a year or longer.

What to expect from dermal fillers:

During your appointment, Lynne or Tim discusses your overall goals and marks the areas for treatment. After cleansing and numbing the site, she injects small amounts of filler into each area and massages it gently to ensure proper distribution for a natural appearance. Once injected into the wrinkle space, the filler works to add volume to the skin. Most dermal filler procedures last on average about 10 minutes and you won’t need any downtime.

After getting dermal fillers, you can resume normal activity, but we recommend avoiding anything strenuous for a few days to minimize bruising and swelling. It’s also common to experience a few symptoms, including:

  • Areas that seem “overfilled”

  • Bruising or swelling

  • Redness or numbness

  • Hard areas or lumps

  • A reaction similar to hives

All of these symptoms fade within hours or days and can improve with massage and ice.

Don’t think of your youthful appearance as a thing of the past; see if dermal fillers can give you the youthful look you desire. Call or schedule an appointment online today.

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