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Early Christmas Special - No more double chin.

Dear Santa,

If it's not too much trouble, rather a new front tooth, can I have less of a double chin? And as long as I have your attention, I would love to get myself some plumper lips. Honestly, there are a few more things on my Christmas List, Santa. I'd like to have an O shot for me and a P shot for my partner. I hope my list is not too much to ask for, but I've been excellent this year.

Your friend,


Dear Isabelle,

I do not think your list is unreasonable. And darling, I have got the solution to all your desired gifts. The Fountain of Youth Medical has a Christmas h special for December. You can buy one Filler and get the second syringe 50% off. Merry Christmas, right? Double chin, get rid of it with Kybella. Just call and make your appointment. Information is below.



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