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Botox in the Winter

Let’s face it: winter can be brutal for skin, and it is often your unprotected face that takes the brunt of Mother Nature’s force. Not only does your facial skin risk becoming dried out and weathered-looking during this cold, dry season, your facial muscles are very active this time of year – believe it or not, you squint just as much in winter as you do in the summer thanks to a bright, low sun. These combined conditions are often a recipe for disaster when it comes to aging and the face, but there is something you can do: BOTOX!

BOTOX is a very common procedure that we often perform on a patient’s lunch hour! It works in two ways:

1) it temporarily prevents muscles from contracting which lessens the look of wrinkles and

2) it stops the progression of wrinkles in the skin by preventing the muscle contractions that will cause further damage down the road.

Basically, BOTOX works to smooth things out for a more youthful look overall.

Wrinkles are a natural part of aging. Your skin is constantly being pushed and pulled by the muscles in your face. A BOTOX treatment, which lasts from 3-4 months, gives you a younger, tighter look by stopping those muscles from contracting. So, if you time it right, your skin can remain youthful throughout the winter months.

BOTOX is the single most popular cosmetic treatment for a reason. People love the way they look after a BOTOX treatment. If you don’t, that’s okay – it’s temporary. And if you don’t want it to be temporary, we can help you come up with a schedule to keep you looking fresh and young year-round.

So before you bundle up to face the gale, come on by the office so we can come up with a plan to keep you looking bright and healthy through the winter.

Contact us today, but first check out our specials for December!

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