The Fountain of Youth Medical anti-aging clinic is setting a new precedent by defying age with cutting edge treatments that are natural and conducive to the body. Using platelet rich plasma, R3 stem cell therapies, vampire facelifts, and bio-identical hormones client's overall health, skin, and body are tremendously optimized. At the Fountain of Youth Medical, we understand that surgery for your condition is a last resort and a very serious decision. This is why we are one of the R3 Centers of Excellence offering first rate, revolutionary, cost effective stem cell therapies with knowledgeable, trustworthy providers.  Fountain of Youth Medical is your #1 location for R3 Stem therapy.  R3 Stem Cell therapy shows exceptional success, fast recovery and minimal side effects. 

Our number one goal is to deliver these advanced aesthetics and anti-aging services with the highest standard of professionalism in an environment that is comforting, relaxing, fun, and rewarding. We desire that each customers feel they are a special and favored client, and we strive daily to surpass the expectations of every person's experience.   At the Fountain of Youth Medical you are offered the most current, cutting edge treatments such as R3 Stem Cell Therapy, The O-Shot, The P-Shot, Vampire Facelifts, Non-surgical face and neck lifts, called, "Thread Lifts" and all the time tested anti-aging #1 best therapies & products available.  Call us to find out how much any of our services cost.  We are honest and upfront about everything.  


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